Jupiter facts – Interesting and fun facts about Jupiter

jupiter facts

Jupiter facts: Interesting facts about Jupiter. Jupiter is one of the four gas giants, the other being Uranus, Saturn and Neptune. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun, it is the largest and the most massive planet in the solar system. Jupiter is remarkably colorful with white and dark bands of clouds. It is one of the interesting planet to study. Jupiter is also known as Jove. Juno a NASA space probe is orbiting the planet Jupiter after entering its orbit on July 4, 2016. Lets dig into other interesting facts about Jupiter.

Jupiter facts

Jupiter has no seasons like Earth. This is because the axis is only tilted by 3.13 degrees.

If Jupiter had been about 80 times more massive, it would have actually become a star instead of a planet.

Jupiter has east-west winds which travel up to 400 mph that swirl around the planet giving it bands and strips.

Jupiter’s thin, cold atmosphere becomes thicker and hotter as we go down, then it eventually tune into a thick, dark fog. In the blackness about 620 miles or 1,000 km down the pressure squeezes the atmosphere so hard that it becomes liquid which is like an ocean.

Jupiter’s gravity has been used to catapult space-craft on deep space missions further away. This is how the 1975 Vouyager missions have managed to succeed.

Jupiter is the planet that has the most moons in the solar system.

Callisto, Jupiter’s moon, is the most heavily cratered body in the solar system.

Nasa believes the dust in the rings are a result of collision of two small moons.

Because Jupiter spins so rapidly that it bulges out at its equator.

Great Red Spot is red because the storm pulls up darker compounds from deep down the atmosphere. Once they are brought to the surface these compounds turn brown and red when exposed to sunlight.

Bear facts – Interesting facts about bear

bear facts

Bear facts: Amazing facts about bears. Bears, the ferocious looking animal are the largest predators on Earth. Though they look fierce and aggressive but in facts they are quite frightened of humans.  Bear have huge bodies that make them appear sluggish but they are excellent at running, climbing and swimming. They are generally solitary animals but the females take took care of their cubs. There are currently eight living species of bear, the most popular ones are the brown bear, polar bear, American black bear, giant panda, sloth bear, sun bear. The other popular subspecies is grizzly bear. Here are few interesting facts about bears

Bear facts

Bears grieve deeply for their family members. Cubs moan and cry when they are parted from their mothers. This can go for weeks if their mothers are killed by hunters.

We can determine the age of the bear by counting the rings in a cross section of its tooth under a microscope.

Delayed implantation is an adaption of polar bears that ensure cubs will be born to healthy mothers at a time when chances for survival are greatest.

Bears have two layers of fur. The short layer keeps the bear warm while the long one keeps water away from the skin and short fur.

Bears lips are not attached to their gums, which make them look rubbery.

Female bears give birth during the hibernation, and are roused when doing so.

Brown female bears lose 40 percent of its body weight while giving birth and nursing a litter during winter months.

All bears except pandas walk by putting their feet flat on the ground. This kind of walking is called “plantigrade.” However, other animals like dogs, horses and elephants walk on their toes.

Smell is the principle sense used by bears to find most of their food.

While most bears have bare feet, polar bears have fur on the bottoms of their paws and between the toes.

Aaron Carpenter facts – Cool facts about Aaron Carpenter

aaron carpenter facts

Aaron carpenter facts: Interesting facts about Aaron Carpenter. Aaron Carpenter is a social media sensation, who is mostly known for Vine channel. Aaron who started off from Vine is now popular over Twitter, Instagram and Youtube with millions of followers. He is having a group named Magcon Brothers on Vine which increased his popularity over the internet. Aaron started this group by collaborating with other popular Vine stars where they make funny and interesting videos and post it on the group and its working wonders. His mother Becky is very proud of his son and often tweets to support him. Here are 60 interesting facts about Aaron Carpenter which you might not know.

Aaron Carpenter facts

His full name is Aaron Braden Carpenter.

Aaron is just 17 years old. He was born on October 5, 1998, in Louisiana.

Aaron is now 5’10” or 1.55 m tall.

Aaron has two siblings. A sister called Candice and a brother named Dustyn. Dustyn Carpenter is older than Aaron and is also a popular Vine star.

In May 2016, he released his debut song “She know what she doin.”

He joined with Carter Reynolds, Jack Gilinsky and Shawn Mended and a couple others to became the Magcon Boys.

Bart Bordelon, Aaron’s friends was the one who came to him with the idea of joining Magcon, and after explaining the group, Aaron became a member.

Aaron joined up with several other Vine stars to create the group Magcon Boys, which stands for ‘Meet & Greet Convention’.

He now lives in Los Angeles.

Aaron is often seeing wearing glasses in his videos, but these are not prescription glasses as he doesn’t need them.

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Saturn facts: Fun and Interesting facts about Saturn

saturn facts

Saturn facts: Fun and interesting facts about Saturn. Saturn is the second largest planet in the Solar  System. Astronomers consider Saturn as the most beautiful planet due to its amazing rings which exemplifies its look. Saturn is the farthest planet in the solar system and it can be seen with naked eye. It is one of the gas giants and shares huge similarity with Jupiter. Saturn has 7 beautiful rings made of countless pieces of icy rocks. Here are few interesting facts about Saturn which make you love the planet even more.

Saturn Facts

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun, and it is the most distant planet.

Saturn is the fifth brightest object in the Solar System and can be seen with naked eye.

Saturn gives more energy than it receives from the Sun. The heat is generated from the gravitational compression of the planet and the friction from large amount of helium form the atmosphere.

Saturn has the fastest winds of any other planet in our Solar System. The winds are measured to be 1800 km per hour.

Saturn is the least dense planet in the Solar System.

Saturn’s moon Titan is the second largest planet in the solar system, next to Jupiter’s moon Ganymede.

Saturn appears as pale yellow color because its upper atmosphere is largely made of ammonia crystals.

The origin of Saturn’s rings is not fully understood. It is possible that rings have been around since 4.54 billion years ago or perhaps they’re relatively new compared to the age of Saturn.

Saturn’s ring sometimes disappears, they don’t actually disappear but they look like they’re going away.

Saturn is not perfectly round like most of the other planets in the solar system. Saturn is wider in the middle and narrow near the top and bottom.

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Selena Gomez facts – Interesting facts about Selena Gomez

selena gomez facts

Selena Gomez facts: Glamorous, adorable and sexy, Selena Gomez is the heartthrob of millions of young men around the world. Her cheerful face, chirpy smile, radiant and flawless beauty takes one to the next world. Disney star tuned pop singer turned film actress Selena Gomez is rocking the world and is the current sensation. She is not just a pretty face but a multi-talented superstar. Here are few interesting facts about Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez facts

Selena Marie Gomez is her full name. Selena comes from a Greek word meaning “Moon.”

Selena is 24 years old. She is an only child and born on 22nd July 1992 in Grand Prairie, Texas, United States.

Selena is the most followed person on Instagram.

Selena is of Mexican and Italian descent.

Selena said that her weirdest dream was when she dreamt that she was dating David Henrie.

In early January 2014, it was reported that Gomez had been battling Lupus – an autoimmune disease that cause facial swelling, headaches, joint pains and fatigue for more than two years. The disease was diagnosed in 2012.

The weirdest thing Selena has ever autographed was toilet papers and used band aids.

If she could have any magic power, it would be for food to appear whenever she is hungry.

Selena has seven possibly eight, tiny little tattoos around her body.

Selena’s ELLE magazine cover was the best selling of the year.

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Eiffel Tower Facts – Interesting facts about Eiffel Tower

eiffel tower facts

Eiffel Tower Facts: Paris, the city of love has some wonderful and incredible monuments and building, one such grandeur architectural structure is the Eiffel Tower. It is considered to be the epitome of romance, magnificent and flawless beauty. Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris and not only Paris but France  as well. Paris is one of the famous destination in Europe, and no wonder, it is the Eiffel Tower which amazes and mesmerizes many. Eiffel Tower was once the tallest architectural structure but this hasn’t affected its reputation in any way, the lights, its amazing structure draws millions towards it. It is completely made of iron, it’s marvelous structure is astounding and makes people fall in love with it and so much that a women got married to it. Lets check out some astounding facts about Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower facts

The Eiffel Tower is not painted in one uniform color. This is to counteract atmospheric perspective; the tower is painted dark at the top and gradually lightens towards the bottom.

Eiffel Tower was originally built as the entrance arch for the World’s Fair, an exhibition in 1889, to mark the 100 year anniversary of the French Revolution.

It is illegal to take photograph of the tower at night because the light display is considered artwork and protected under copyright law.

A lightning strike in 1902 has damaged the upper section of the Eiffel Tower, requiring the reconstruction of its top.

When Gustave signed the contract only 25 percent of the finance was contributed by the Exposition Committee. They wanted Eiffel to pay the balance, which he agreed provided that he was given complete authority over the tower and its profits for twenty years.

Eiffel tower was not intended to be permanent. It was built for the 1889 Paris exposition and was temporary.

The Eiffel tower was going to be demolished in 1909, but later saved to use it as a giant radio antenna.

During WW2, when Hitler visited Paris, the French cut the lift cables on the Eiffel Tower so that Hitler would have to climb the steps if he wanted t o reach the top.

The Eiffel Tower was originally painted red.

Citroen, the French car manufacturer used the tower as a giant billboard between 1925 and 1934. The company’s name was emblazoned on the tower using a quarter of a million light bulbs. This holds the record in Guinness Book of records for the world’s largest advertisement.

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Giraffe facts – Fun and interesting facts about giraffe

giraffe facts

Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world. They not only exhibit impeccable features but are astounding and adorable creatures one can ever witness. Its long stature, beautiful long legs not only make them admirable but its bearings as one of the most peaceful animals has impressed many. Giraffe though is not included in the endangered species list, but habitat loss, poaching are posing dangers to the population in future. Giraffes are one of the animals which spend most of the time standing, they rarely sit and many activities like eating, sleeping and giving birth are performed while standing. Giraffes are native to Africa and are herbivorous animals i.e. they feed only on plants. Lets did into some amazing facts about giraffe.

Giraffe facts

Giraffe have thick and sticky saliva that protects it from the thorny branches of the acacia tree.

Giraffe stinks. Their long neck does little help in grooming, so they secrete chemicals from skin and coat to repel bacteria and disinfect the skin to prevent fungi and bacteria growth and this chemical is unpleasant to smell.

Giraffes are picky eaters; they only choose the most nutritious leaves.

Giraffe can adapt their diet depending on the plant or tree species available in each region.

Giraffe Manor is a hotel in Kenya that’s also a giraffe sanctuary. You can hang out with giraffes all day and feed them from your window.

Male giraffes become darker as they age.

Male giraffes have a stronger odor than the females.

Giraffes tongue is purplish black in color which protects against sunburn.

Giraffes often walk with birds on their back. These birds are called tick birds, they eat bugs that live in the giraffes coat and alert the animals to danger by chirping loudly.

You never hear noise around giraffes. Because they communicate using noises that are too low for humans to hear.

Shark facts – Interesting and fun facts about sharks

shark facts

Shark facts: Sharks are considered to be one of the deadliest fishes, but the facts about shark don’t support any of the claims made. It is considered that sharks are one of the greatest dangers to humans but statistics are completely different, it is observed that more people die by falling of coconuts rather than by shark attacks. Sharks have a bad reputation and its high time that this line of thinking should be changed. Shark population is declining and if the same rate goes, then it is possible that we don’t see sharks in the future. Shark which have survived five mass distinction couldn’t survive this one. Humans are considered to be the biggest threat to shark population. Sharks delicacy and commercial benefits of shark are believed to be some of the major reasons for this decline. Here are few interesting facts about shark that you never heard.

Shark facts

Sharks are especially susceptible to the moon’s control of ocean tides. The moon phases can affects sharks eating habits and draw them close to the shore, and could lead to increased interactions with humans.

Sharks respond to a sound known as “yummy hum.” It is an infrasonic sound that injured fish make, drawing sharks to an easy meal.

The size of the shark species relates to where they hunt. Small shark’s tend to feed near the ocean floor, and larger sharks hunt in the middle depths and near the surface, where they can more easily snatch larger prey such as seals.

Sharks respond to a sound known as “yummy hum.” It is an infrasonic sound that injured fish make, drawing sharks to an easy meal.

In 1991, South Africa was the first country in the world to declare Great White sharks a legally protected species.

Some shark species return to their birthplace to reproduce.

Sharks can be hypnotized. They can undergo toxic immobility or a natural state of paralysis. It can be induced by either flipping the shark onto its belly or rubbing its snout.

Sharks have no bones and when they die, the salt water dissolves every part of them with teeth being an exception.

Sharks don’t chew their food. Their teeth are strictly for snapping, grip, crush and hence chunks of food are just swallowed.

Greenland Shark is the only species that can tolerate Arctic temperatures year around.

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Neptune facts – Fascinating facts about Neptune

neptune facts

Neptune facts: Neptune, the gas giant was unknown to the ancient civilization as it is not visible by naked eye . It was first observed by two scientists in 1846. Very less is known about the planet as it is very far from the Earth; however the Voyager II and the Hubble Space Telescope has fed significant details about the structure, composition of Neptune. Unlike Earth which is a terrestrial planet, Neptune is a gas giant just like Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus and has no solid mass, but has gas as its surface. It experiences cold temperature given the fact that it’s far away from the Sun. It is the farthest planet in the Solar System, as Pluto which once was the farthest has been declared as a dwarf planet making Neptune the farthest. Let’s did into some interesting facts about Neptune.

Neptune facts

Triton, Neptune’s moon is getting closer to Neptune, and eventually it will get so close that it will be torn apart by the sheer gravity of Neptune and it will form rings more spectacular than Saturn’s.

Summer in Neptune lasts for 40 years, but the temperature is -328 degree Fahrenheit.

Every 248 years, Pluto moves inside Neptune’s orbit for 20 years or so, during which it is closer to the sun than Neptune.

Triton is the most unusual moon because it orbits Neptune in the opposite direction of Neptune’s own rotation axis. Whereas ass the other moon in the solar system follow their planets round as they turn.

Triton is the only moon that is spherical, and the other 13 moons are irregularly shaped.

Neptune has an internal heat source, and radiates more than twice as much energy as it receives from the Sun.

Neptune was much closer to the Sun in the early solar system history but later migrated to its current position.

Neptune is the coldest planet in the solar system. The temperature can dip down to -366 degree Fahrenheit or -221.45 degrees Celsius.

The coldest temperature measured in the solar system (-230 degrees Celsius) have been recorded on Neptune’s moon, Triton.

Neptune is the only planet in the Solar System found by mathematical prediction rather than by empirical observation.

9/11 facts – Interesting facts about 9/11

911 facts

9/11 facts: 9/11 is considered to be one of the deadliest attacks carried out by terrorists. It seems that 9/11 was just yesterday where two planes have taken down the World Trade Center along with it. The cries for their loved ones, the Presidents speech to come back strong, the efforts of the fire fighters and the people to rescue the people out of the buildings. It was such a horrific experience which sends shivers down the spine whenever we think of it. These are some of the interesting facts about 9/11 to learn.

9/11 facts

On September 11, 2001, 19 militants associated with al-Qaeda hijacked four planes and carried out suicide attacks. Two of the planes were flown into the WTC in NYC, a third plane hit the Pentagon just outside and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

Over 3,000 people were killed during the attacks in New York City and Washington D.C., including more than 400 police officers and fire fighters.

The phrase ‘Ground zero’, used for the site of the WTC, was originally used to refer to the site of the atomic bomb that exploded over Hiroshima in 1945.

On 9/11 when all the transport of the city was shut down, boat owners managed to transport over 500,000 people from Manhattan Island which is now known as the ‘9/11 boatlift’

On 9/11, after the first plane hit the North Tower, people in the South Tower wanted to leave but were advised by an announcement to stay at their desks. Some of those who tried to leave were turned back by the security in the buildings before the exits. About 1,120 of them died.

After 9/11, the Queen of England authorized the Coldstream Guards to break the protocol and play US national anthem during the Changing of the Guard, so that it can give some comfort to Americans stranded in London due to airport closures.

Canada commenced an Operation Yellow Ribbon to handle the diversion of civilian airline flights in response to the 9/11 attack. Canada tool in 255 diverted flights from the US on 9/11 and the Canadians fed the diverted passengers.

An investment bank which lost 75% of its employees in 9/11 sued the American Airlines for negligence in allowing terrorists on board, and won $135 million.

The names on the 9/11 Memorial are arranged by relationship, instead of alphabetically, to preserve the bonds of family and friendship, and to show the connections between people who changed each other lives that day.

The plane from San Diego to Miami was the only plane allowed to fly on 9/11 after the attacks. The plane was delivering anti-venom to a man bitten by a highly poisonous snake. It was accompanied by two jet fighters.

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