Ancient Greece Facts – 65 Interesting Greece Facts

Facts about ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was divided into states ruled independently. Each state has its own government, laws and money, but they share a common language and religion.

Ancient Greeks wore a chiton, it is long T-shirt made from cotton. While the slaves could only afford a loincloth – small cloth wrapped around their waste.

The first Olympic Games were held in Olympia, a Greek city in 776 BC.

Greek Architecture is world famous, and many buildings such as British Museum have been constructed in the style of Ancient Greece.

Greeks had made temples with statues of their gods and goddesses.

They used large juries of 500 citizens for law trials.

The incident of how Greeks conquered the city of Troy in 1180 BC is quite famous for their deceptive planning.

Ancient Greeks invented theaters.

Ancient Greeks celebrated the world’s first democracy and it lasted for 185 years.

Romans copied much of the Greek culture including their architecture, gods and language.