Ancient Greece Facts – 65 Interesting Greece Facts

Fun facts about Greece

Ancient Greek calendar was divided into months. The month starts with new moon and was named after festivals in each city.

On top of the tallest hills in each city-state, Greeks built a collection of buildings known as acropolis.

Acropolis has three things, fortress, banks and religious festivals.

Slaves were important to ancient Greek daily life. They cleaned homes and cooked food. They worked in mines, fields, shops, ships and factories.

Women had little freedom in city-state. Wealthy women would attend weddings, religious festivals and funerals, and mostly stay at home.

Soldiers in ancient Greece used to wore 70 pounds of bronze armor.

In ancient Greece there were two classes to people : slaves and free people.

Greece was once mass of rock that was completely underwater. A tectonic plate crashed into Europe and that collision created mountain ranges of Greece.

Greece has the longest coastline in Europe around 9,000 miles.

Nearly 80% of Greece is made up of mountains.