Animal Abuse Facts – 70 Distresssing Facts About Animal Abuse

Animal abuse facts and statistics

Animal experiments are not in decline in some countries or remained at the same level.

In China, there are no penalties for people who abuse animals on fur.

One billion rabbits are killed each year for fur.

1 million faces every year is produced in U.S. mink fur farms. This waste has 1,000 tons of phosphorous, a dangerous component that pollutes nearby streams and rivers.

Fur farms are the only sector of animal agriculture that is unregulated by the federal government.

Tigers fear fire, and they are forced to jump over it in circuses.

Animals in circuses are kelp in boxcars eleven months a year. Animals often sleep, eat and defecate in their cage.

Some animals in the circuses are drugged to make them easy to control or they may be removed so they can’t fight back against abusers.

Circus animals spend most of their day on hard surfaces, resulting in arthritis and infections.

The number one cause of death of elephants in circuses is arthritis, because they stand for long hours, and also they are not able to exercise. In the wild they walk for 40 miles per day.