Animal Abuse Facts – 70 Distresssing Facts About Animal Abuse

Animals abuse facts

1 day old calves are fed with replacements so that their mother’s milk can be sold to humans.

285 million hens are raised for eggs in a tiny space so small that they cannot move a wing in U.S.

In extremely crowded conditions, piglets are prone to stress related behavior such as tail biting and cannibalism.

Kangaroos are slaughtered by the millions every year; their skins are considered prime material for soccer shoes.

Millions of animals are killed every year for clothing industry.

There are over 65 million pigs in factory farms, and 112 million are killed for food each year.

Dogs suffer and die in a parked car even for just a minute

About 9 million chickens are raised and killed for meat each year in U.S.

During Canada’s annual commercial seal slaughter, 300,000 seals are short or bludgeoned.

The cheapest and cruelest killing methods for fur farmers are suffocation, electrocution, gassing and poisoning.