Desert Facts – 75 Interesting Facts About The Desert

Desert Facts for Kids

Sand deserts in Alaska have sand dunes that are over 150 feet or 45 m high.

Some sand dunes in Sahara Desert reach up to 400 feet, which is more than Statue of Liberty.

The major deserts are Sahara Desert, Arabian Desert, Gobi desert, and Kalahari Desert.

Sahara spans over 12 countries.

The second largest hot desert is the Arabian Desert on Earth.

Atacama Desert in South America is the driest place in the world.

Deserts have very low humidity.

Despite extreme condition in deserts, it is home to various plants including cacti and shrubs.

There is annual marathon held in Sahara Desert, it is called the Marathon des Sables. It is a 6 day 156 mile trek through the sands.

Desertification threatens livelihood of more than 1 billion people in 110 countries.

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