Desert Facts – 75 Interesting Facts About The Desert

Desert Ecosystem Facts

Kalahari is the southernmost desert in Africa.

Kalahari means “large desert” in Tswana language.

Chibhuahuan Desert is the largest desert in North America, expanding over 200,000 sq miles or 321,800 sq km.

The Thar Desert in India is the 18th largest subtropical desert in the world.

Gobi in Gobi Desert means “waterless place”.

Sand dunes move, when are winds are strong and blowing at the speed of 15 mph or 24 kmph.

First World War and the Second World War are reported to have been fought in deserts.

The Acacia tree found in deserts drops its leaves during droughts to store water.

Mojave Desert is the smallest desert in North America, at 25,000 square miles.

Great Basin Desert is the largest desert in US, expanding over 190,000 sq miles or 305,710 sq km.

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