Mount Rushmore Facts – 49 Interesting Facts About Mount Rushmmore

mount rushmore facts

Mount Rushmore Facts – 49 interesting facts about Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore is the national monument, which was designed and worked out by Gutzon Borglum. Mount Rushmore National Memorial is carved into the side of the mountain called Mount Rushmore in Black Hills in South Dakota. It features four presidents of United States namely George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, let’s explore more facts about Mount Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore Facts

Mount Rushmore has 3 million visitors annually.

Congress funded 85% of the cost of the project.

Borglum was 60 years old when be began working on the project.

The Mount Rushmore sculpture was the idea of the Doane Robinson, a South Dakota historian to attract tourists to the state.

Nearly 90% of the monument was carved using the dynamite, over 450,000 tons of rock was removed.

The work began in 1927 and was finished in 1941.

A team of 400 men carved the entire sculpture.

The men who worked on the mountain were miners who came looking for gold to the Black Hills.

The cost of the project was $989,992.32.

It took 14 years to complete the project.