Mount Rushmore Facts – 49 Interesting Facts About Mount Rushmmore

Mount Rushmore facts for kids

Mount Rushmore is also known as the Presidents Mountain.

Each president’s head is tall as a 6-story building.

In the monument, noses are 20 feet long, mouths are 18 feet wide and eyes are 11 feet wide.

The four presidents were the ones who played significant role in founding, expanding, preservation and unification of the country.

The four presidents’ are George Washington, who is the nation’s founding father.

Thomas Jefferson, who played an important role in expansion of the country, as he signed the Louisiana Purchase and authored the Declaration of Independence.

Theodore Roosevelt who played a role in conservation and led to the industrial blossoming of the nation.

Abraham Lincoln was the man who preserved the nation and led the country through the Civil War.

There is a cave behind the Mountain that was going to be called the “Hall of Records” which is used to keep information about the monument and the history of presidents and America, but it was never finished.

The memorial covers 1,278.45 square acres.