Mount Rushmore Facts – 49 Interesting Facts About Mount Rushmmore

Mount Rushmore fun facts

The initial plan was to carve the figures from head to waist, but it couldn’t be implemented because of shortage of funds.

The Lakota people knew the mountain as the “Six Grandfathers”.

The mountain goes by many names such as Sugarloaf Mountain, Keystone Cliffs, Slaughterhouse Mountain.

The mountain’s official name came from a New York Lawyer while surveying gold claims in the area in 1885.

The United States Board on Geographic Names officially recognized the Mountain as Mount Rushmore in 1930.

Borglums hired one artist named Korczak Zilokowski, to work as an assistant, but after 19 days Lincoln Borglum and Ziolkowski ended in a heated argument and Ziolkowski left the project.

George Washington’s, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln’s face was completed in the years 1934, 1936 and 1937.

Charles E. Rushmore donated $5,000 towards sculpting the mountain that bore his name.

The Grand View Terrace is one of the best place to see the Mount Rushmore is just above the museum.

Mount Rushmore gets illuminated for 2 hours every night.