Olympics Facts – 55 Interesting Facts About Olympics

Olympic History Facts

German wrestler and gymnast, Carl Schuhmann, was the most successful competitor and he won medals in four events.

Greece’s King George and a number of notable personalities wanted the Olympics to be held after 4 years in Athens once again.

However Athens had to wait for another 108 years before it could host another Olympics.

When Olympics returned to Athens in 2004, the official slogan was “welcome home” and the participating athletes were given olive wreaths as it was the custom in Ancient Olympics.

The modern version of the Olympics have been held continuously except for a brief period between 1940 and 1944 due to World war II

After the end of World War II, the Olympic Games were held in London as England was the only nation who could afford the sporting extravaganza.

The London Olympics was still a very thrifty affair as most England was still under rationing. It was named the austerity games.

The games came for the first time to South America when Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosted the epic games.

Politics and Olympics were never separate and were always proved nemesis for the Olympic spirit

The 1938 Berlin games became a forum for hailing Hitler and his obnoxious belief of Aryan supremacy.

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