Olympics Facts – 55 Interesting Facts About Olympics

With the advent of AIDS, free condoms were distributed at the Olympic GamesVillage. The figures were 70,000 condoms at the 2000 games, 100,000 at the 2008 games and 450,000 provided in 2016.

The medal ceremonies have the national anthems of the countries played in the background. The playback speed is often increased to conserve time.

Australia had strict Quarantine rules and therefore the equestrian events of the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne were held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Oscar Swahn, who was a Swedish shooting expert, won his first Olympic medal when he was 60. He won his last Olympic Medal, a silver medal when he was 70 at the Antwerp games.

The first Olympic Games to be televised was the 1936 Berlin Olympics, also known as the Nazi Olympics.

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