Pluto facts – Fun and interesting facts about Pluto

Facts about Pluto

The sunlight’s intensity on Pluto is the same as the moonlights intensity on Earth.

Pluto has an axial tilt of 122.5 degree. Due to this it actually rotates on its side. This creates extreme variation in its seasons.

At solstices, one-fourth of Pluto’s surface is in continuous daylight, whereas another fourth is in continuous darkness.

For 76 years Pluto was considered as planet until it was reclassified as dwarf planet.

Pluto is the only object in Kuiper Belt to have multiple moons.

Pluto is the only planet to be discovered in the twentieth century, even though it is no longer identified as a planet.

Pluto rotates from east to west like Uranus and Venus.

Pluto takes 6.39 Earth days to complete one rotation.

Methane and nitrogen form the atmospheric composition of Pluto.

It’s unknown whether Pluto exhibits magnetic field or not, but its small size and slow rotation suggest it has little to no such field.