Pluto facts – Fun and interesting facts about Pluto

Pluto fun facts

Astronomers think Pluto looks a lot like Triton, Neptune’s moon. They have some similarities like frozen volatiles, faint nitrogen atmosphere and similar composition of rock and ice.

Scientists believe that Charon was created after a large object smashed into Pluto billions of years ago. This resulted in chain of debris which eventually coalesced into Charon. The other moons have exact resonances with Charon, suggesting that they also formed from the debris.

For 20 years Pluto orbit is closer to the Sun than Neptune.

Charon is named after the mythological boatman who ferried souls across the Styx river to Pluto for judgment.

Clyde Tombaugh’s ashes were placed on the New Horizon space craft, which flew past the dwarf planet.

Pluto has not cleared its neighborhood, one of the conditions to classify an object as planet.

Pluto hasn’t orbited once around the sun since its discovery in the year 1930.

Some astronomers believe that Pluto was once a moon of Neptune that has somehow escaped into its own orbit.