100 Random Facts that will make you smarter

Bald eagles are so named because balde is an old English word meaning white.

The Amazon River discharges 5 times as much water as any other river on the planet.

Mount Everest shrank one inch or 2.5 cm due to the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

Lemons are more acidic than vinegar.

A koi fish named Hanoko lived for 225 years.

Caterpillars have about four thousand muscles.

Almost a third of the worlds languages are spoken only in Africa.

The longest jellyfish on record measured 160 feet, more than half the length of a football field.

Giraffe are already extinct in at least seven countries in Africa.

In the U.S., if you find a bald eagle feather on the ground, you need a permit to pick it up.