Saturn Facts: Fun and Interesting Facts About Saturn

Facts about Saturn

Saturn has seasons, and summer on Saturn lasts about eight Earth years.

Saturn’s rings are very large and wide but they are very thin.

Saturn’s rings may be formed by old moon particles once orbiting the planet and got smashed in a collision million years ago.

Saturn’s rings will one day disappear. They will either disperse into space or get sucked into the planet by its pull of gravity. This may be occurring in ten of millions of years time.

Titan is the only moon in the Solar System to possess an atmosphere.

Titan’s thick atmosphere, low gravity and surface pressure allows one to fly by just flapping wings strapped to arms, and this requires no more effort than walking.

Apart from Earth, Titan is the only known world to have liquids on its surface.

Titan’s atmosphere is made up of mostly nitrogen.

The first sounds to be recorded from any other world in the solar system were recorded from Titan by the Huygens space probe in 2005.

Saturn is very cold given its distance from the Sun. It is 25 times colder than the average temperature on Earth at -175 degree Celsius.

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