Saturn Facts: Fun and Interesting Facts About Saturn

Saturn facts for kids

Saturn’s magnetic field is slightly weaker than Earth’s magnetic field.

Jupiter and Saturn combined account for 92% of the entire planetary mass in the solar system.

Great white spots are observed in Saturn. These are storms which are analogous to the Great Red Spot found on Jupiter, though they are short lived.

Saturn can encompass more than 760 Earths.

Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune also have rings but they are much fainter and less spectacular than Saturn.

Storms on Saturn’s atmosphere can last for months or even years. Dragon Storm a storm on Saturn which created mega lightning 1,000 times more powerful than lightning on Earth.

Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons emits geysers that not only feed the rings around the Saturn but also indicate traces which support life. Only two other outer solar system objects have known active eruptions, one is Neptune’s moon Triton and Jupiter’s moon Lo.

Hydrogen exists as layers of liquid and metallic liquid below the thick atmosphere due to extreme pressure on Saturn.

The temperature difference between the pole and the equator is very small on Saturn.

Earth is not the only planet to display Northern Lights, but Saturn and Jupiter also puts on this beautiful show.

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