Thanksgiving Facts – 35 Fun Facts About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Fun Facts

However people living in the islands of pacific prefer the rear off the Turkey which contains a gland filled with oil which the bird uses to prune its feathers.

The customary and all important football games started way back in 1934. It was the first NFL games which was broadcast nationally and was played between Detroit Lions & Chicago Bears.

The owner of the Detroit Lions Team was a radio executive who hit upon an idea of having a Thanksgiving game to gain attention of the fans. The idea worked and more than 26,000 tickets were sold out.

Detroit Lions have been hosting a thanksgiving game ever since. They were joined by Dallas Cowboys in 1966 and a third game was added with the rotating matchups in 2006.

The Americans are not the only ones to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Canada has been having the official Thanksgiving Day since 1879. The date was not fixed until 1957 when it was ruled that the second Monday of October will be celebrated as Thanksgiving Day.

Seven towns have been named after popular Thanksgiving side dishes. Towns and cities have been named after cranberries.

According to the National Turkey Federation, 88% of Americans consume turkeys on thanksgiving which means 12% people do not eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

Hanukkah and Thanksgiving came together in 1888 and will happen again only after 70000 years.

Rearing turkeys for Thanksgiving is big business and in 2016, 254 million turkeys were raised in the US. It was 2% more than the previous years.

Minnesota topped in turkey production and it raised 46 million turkeys in 2016.

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