The Great Wall of China Facts – 47 Interesting facts of China Wall

Facts about the Great Wall of China

More than 10 million people visit the Great Wall of China every year.

The Great Wall is so wide in some places that we can drive a car over it.

It took over 1800 years to construct the Great Wall.

Qin Shi Huang began the construction of the 5000 km wall to protect his territory and began the dynasty of Qin Dynasty.

During the Qin Dynasty, Great Wall construction, maintenance and its surveillance was the duty of the criminal convicts.

An ancient collection of ancient poems called Shijing written 11th and 7th centuries predicts the construction of Great Wall of China to fend off invaders.

The Great Wall pays tributes to great figures in Chinese history. A temple is built on the wall to honor the 3rd century general of Han dynasty, Guan Yu.

Though the wall was built to keep away invaders, it couldn’t serve the purpose.

It is predicted that by 2040 certain portions of the wall may vanish due to human and nature erosion.

The Great Wall of China is called by many names, “the Chinese Wall”, “the 10,000 Li Long Wall”, “the Purple Frontier”, “The long Wall”, etc.