Thomas Jefferson Facts – 36 Interesting facts about Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson fun facts

He loved food and on his return from France he brought the French cuisine too the US and even had his slave, James Hemming learn the intricacies of French Cuisine and promised to free him when he returned to the US.

He loved wine which became his weakness when he was in France. He had two vineyards at Monticello and sought to promote wine as an alternative to whiskey and cider.

Jefferson was also a paleontologist and he was crazy about fossils. A mammoth has been named after him

Jefferson was a prolific writer and authored the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom which was eventually passed in 1786 and it protects people’s right to worship as they choose.

His extensive correspondence with key historical figures is preserved as the Thomas Jefferson Papers at the Library of Congress includes about 27,000 documents.

He spent considerable time studying the violin as an instrument and even played it to court his future wife Martha Skelton.