World War 1 Facts – Unknown Facts about World War 1

WWI Facts

During the WWI the Belgium King Albert I led his Army personally; the Queen Elisabeth served as a nurse and 14 year old son, Prince Leopold III fought in the private ranks of the army.

George V, King of England, Tsar Nicholas II, King of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm, Emperor of Germany are all First cousins fought in WWI.

The symbolic Iron cross of Nazi Party was recommended by German-Jewish Officer to Adolf Hitler in WWI.

Spain was neutral throughout the WWI and WWII but lost 500,000 men in between 3 years (1936-1939) during their Civil War.

During WWI Kaiser, The Emperor of Germany freed a British soldier from his imprisonment and sent to England to see his dying mother and the soldier returned back to Germany again for his imprisonment to fulfill his promise given to Kaiser.

During WWI allied soldiers in Germany used to make the Tea by firing random rounds on trenches to boil the water in the machine Guns.

After the WWI, Germany was bankrupted and had a debt equivalent to 96,000 tons of gold.

During WWI French physicist Marie Curie tried to donate her Golden Noble Prize to government for war deeds but the French Government refused.

The last surviving veteran of WWI Florence Green served as waitress at an Air Base.

During WWI the Portuguese soldier Anibal Augusto stood all alone against an entire German division soldiers for three days and convinced the Germans that they are fighting against the entire army.

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