World War 1 Facts – Unknown Facts about World War 1

Facts about WWI

“He Kept Us Out of War” slogan by Woodrow Wilson helped to Re-Elect as President of United States in 1916 but within a month in office U.S declared war on Germany.

After serving as U.S President until 1909, Teddy Roosevelt came forward 10 years later to volunteer to service in WWI.

The author of famous War Book Anne Frank’s Diary father Otto Frank served as an officer for German Army in WWI.

New Zealand had an Army of 100,000 for WWI i.e. about 10% of their population.

During WWI the British Intelligence failed to train the seagulls to excrete on enemy submarine Periscope.

In order to minimize artificial lighting, as to save energy and fuel for war effort, Germans are the first to introduce Daylight saving time in WWI.

During WWI 1.3 million people died only because of chemical weapons.

Just by coincidence, the last and first soldier died in WWI is buried side by side which has gap of 15 feet to each other.

During WWI, 8 million horses were killed in action and the remaining horses that survived, injured and unfit were sent to Belgian Butchers.

Ottomon Empire (Turks) butchered more than 1.5 million Armenians in WWI. In Warfare Ottomon (Turks) Army showed the origin for the word “Genocide”.

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