World War 1 Facts – Unknown Facts about World War 1

World War I facts

During WWI, Germans used Flamethrowers that can reach up to 130 feet in air.

German Soldiers are the first to use Flamethrowers during WWI.

After the end of WWI more than 65 million soldiers fought from 30 different countries.

During WWI, 35 million civilians and causalities were recorded in war, among them 15 million died and 20 million were wounded.

 In WWI more than 2/3 of army deaths happened during front line of action.

In WWI Russia has the largest Army with 12 million soldiers.

At the end of WWI, 3/4th of 12 million soldiers died.

During WWI the German troops randomly fired and killed 150 civilians of Aerchot, Belgium just to frighten locals so that they not rebel. This random firing is called Schrecklichkiet (frightfulness”) and is part of German War Policy.

During WWI, the British Army differentiated the Tankers into Males and Females. The Male Tanker has cannons and Female tanker has Machine Rocket guns.

The first prototype tanker rolled in WWI is called as “Little Willie”.

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