World War 1 Facts – Unknown Facts about World War 1

World War 1 facts for kids

During WWI the noise created by Artillery Barrages and Mines could be heard to London from Messines Ridge at Ypres in Belgium, covering a distance of 140 miles (229km).

During WWI the British created a crater of 40 feet (12m) deep underground by detonating 40 tons of mine explosives in Messines, Belgium. And now it’s called The Pool of Peace.

During WWI Battlefield warfare the Dogs were sent to carry and lay down the Telegraph wires.

At the end of WWI, United States spent more than 30 Billion US$.

World War I is also given names of The Great War, The world War, The War of Nations and The War to End All Wars.

WWI lasted from 1914 to 1918 which happened in every ocean, every Continent and most of battlefield happened at Europe.

The United States happened to join the WWI at the final year and combated in half of the fighting’s.

During WWI, 91,198 soldiers out of 1,200,000 died due to release of 119,000 tons of gas by German and French Army combined.

The First Battle for United States in WWI was fought at Barthelemont, France on November 2nd 1917.

During WWI, because of Mustard Gas instability, it was never to be used as War Winning weapon and the creators thought it will cause massive destruction in coming wars but nobody used in WWII.

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