World War 1 Facts – Unknown Facts about World War 1

Facts on World War I

During WWI, nearly 200,000 African Americans joined in U.S Army but only 11% joined in combat fields and remaining 89% as Labor Units, Cargo Loaders, road Builders and Field Diggers.

During WWI, the Allied force used Choctaw tribe’s people as code talkers because of their complex language that made difficult for Germans to solve and finally they stopped intercepting and decoding it.

After WWI, the French awarded the African Americans known as The Harlem Hell Fighters with Croix de Guerre for combating in front line and showed their bravery.

During WWI, 500,000 Pigeons were used as messengers, code carriers, route map guiders and warning signers.

During WWI, on Christmas Eve both sides wished by singing carols and on Christmas day declared truce.

After WWI, Alvin Cullum York “Sergeant York” recognized as the most decorated American Soldier with a Medal of Honor.

During WWI, the British lost 60,000 soldiers in a single day at Battle of Somen.

After WWI, the Germany went through a deep recession due to agreement of the Treaty of Versailles which sanctions a very few resources for the country.

During WWI, the new combat is introduced as Air power warfare and Tankers Warfare.

During WWI, woman took the traditional male jobs back home, since men are fighting at war and after WWI British declared right to vote in parliament for woman above 30 and after two years the U.S passed the 19th amendment right to vote for woman.

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