Aaron Carpenter facts – Cool facts about Aaron Carpenter

aaron carpenter facts

Aaron Carpenter facts: Interesting facts about Aaron Carpenter. Aaron Carpenter is a social media sensation, who is mostly known for Vine channel. Aaron who started off from Vine is now popular over Twitter, Instagram and Youtube with millions of followers. He is having a group named Magcon Brothers on Vine which increased his popularity over the internet. Aaron started this group by collaborating with other popular Vine stars where they make funny and interesting videos and post it on the group and its working wonders. His mother Becky is very proud of his son and often tweets to support him. Here are 60 interesting facts about Aaron Carpenter which you might not know.

Aaron Carpenter facts

His full name is Aaron Braden Carpenter.

Aaron is just 17 years old. He was born on October 5, 1998, in Louisiana.

Aaron is now 5’10” or 1.55 m tall.

Aaron has two siblings. A sister called Candice and a brother named Dustyn. Dustyn Carpenter is older than Aaron and is also a popular Vine star.

In May 2016, he released his debut song “She know what she doin.”

He joined with Carter Reynolds, Jack Gilinsky and Shawn Mended and a couple others to became the Magcon Boys.

Bart Bordelon, Aaron’s friends was the one who came to him with the idea of joining Magcon, and after explaining the group, Aaron became a member.

Aaron joined up with several other Vine stars to create the group Magcon Boys, which stands for ‘Meet & Greet Convention’.

He now lives in Los Angeles.

Aaron is often seeing wearing glasses in his videos, but these are not prescription glasses as he doesn’t need them.

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