Aaron Carpenter facts – Cool facts about Aaron Carpenter

Amazing Aaron Carpenter facts

On 29th April, 2015 he was verified on Instagram.

Aaron has 2.5 million twitter followers.

Aaron is someone who doesn’t like mess; he wouldn’t rather stay clean than getting dirty.

His twitter profile is @AaronCarpenter.

He loves spontaneous trips to the beach.

Aaron’s goldfish, Raph dies on 5th December 2015.

He wants to learn how to dance.

Taylor Caniff on 30th March 2016, tweeted Aaron saying ‘Follow me’ – Aaron’s response was ‘No’.

Ethan Dolan, Jack Dail, and Grayson Dolan are just a few of the Vine stars he teamed up with to create videos.

His snapchat name is aaroncarpenter.