Abortion Facts – 90 Unknown Facts About Abortion

Facts about abortion

50% of the women who now seek for abortion have had at least one previous abortion.

Over 40% of all women (or 1 in 3 women) will end their pregnancies at some point in their lives by abortion.

On an average, about 2,904 abortions happen per day. Blacks and Hispanics account for 55% of all abortions. But they comprise of only 28% of the population.

There is no causal relationship found between abortion and breast cancer.

Abortion was legalized by the US Supreme Court in the Roe V Wade case in 1973.

The rate of abortion is declining in the recent years in U.S.

Out of 10,000 women obtaining abortion, only 3 cite rape as primary reason, and only two cite health reasons.

Illegal abortions account for 13% of all deaths of women because of serious complications.

Women in their 20s accounted for 57.4% of abortions and showed the highest abortion rates compared to other age groups.

In U.S. more than half of the 6 million pregnancies each year are considered unplanned by women. Nearly half of unplanned pregnancies end in abortion.