Abraham Lincoln Facts: Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln had recently turned 52 at the time of his first inauguration, making him one of the younger presidents in U.S. history.

Lincoln drew the first line against slavery by delivering the Emancipation Proclamation, an executive order that freed slaves in 10 Confederate states.

Lincoln may have won the presidential election in 1860, but he failed to win a single state in the South, losing most of them to rival John

Abraham Lincoln has established balloon corps for the U.S. Civil War.

He wrote the majority of his own speeches, including the famous Gettysburg Address.

Lincoln served as his own campaign manager.

There are no direct living descendants of Lincoln.

Lincoln was part of séances after his son died in the White House.

Lincoln’s animals also died in a White House stable fire.

Lincoln had a cat named Tabby and a dog named Fido.