Adolf Hitler Facts -facts About Hitler That You Probably Didn’t Know

Adolf Hitler Facts

Before Joining the Nazi party Hitler spied on each individual of the party including the leader Anton Drexler.

The only reason to join the party with Anton Drexler was that the visions on anti-Semitic, anti-Marxist and nationalist were similar.

Hitler was a lavish spender to show himself “A man of the people”.

Hitler first introduced the Policy of Autarky on industrial production control. Which means to develop what is required not what is profitable. This makes debt free.

Autarky implemented on Nazi farm law for the production on requirement not on profits. Government assures 100% sale and subsidies provided.

Nazi is the first authority to check on drunk and driving.

Hitler provided 1000 Reich marks of free interest loans to every couple to start a family and 250 Reich marks to every born child which is non payable. This is to increase the German birth rate.

Hitler created first law on nature given on Ecologic system for protection on water, earth and air. It’s called German Imperial Conservation Law.

Hitler introduced the first Olympic torch relay.

At Dunkirk settlement Hitler spared 338,000 French troops and total British expeditionary force.