Adolf Hitler Facts -facts About Hitler That You Probably Didn’t Know

Facts About Adolf Hitler

Hitler once gave a man a medal because he found his joke funny.

Apart from all those judgments made on his life. Hitler ended his own life.

When Hitler decided to commit suicide, he fed cyanide to his dog to make sure it worked. His private nurse later said that the people in the bunker were more distraught by the death of his dog than that of his wife, Eve Braun.

An art critic who was asked to review Adolf Hitler paintings, without knowing who painted them, judged them as quite good. He mentioned that the way human figures are drawn represents a profound disinterest in people.

During his reign Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” was given to newly married couples.

The American secret service even attempted feminization on Hitler by injecting female hormones in his food.

During the exile of Jews in concentration camps, Hitler never visited these camps for once.

During the Third Reich, there was a program called Lebensborn, where ‘racially pure’ women slept with SS officers in the hopes of producing Aryan children. Nearly 20,000 children were born during 12 years.

Hitler’s first crush was Stefanie Isak. A Jewish girl. Unfortunately his first Love story was un-spoken.

Hitler was taken deadly 28 drug doses daily to fight his chronic Flatulence.