Adolf Hitler Facts -facts About Hitler That You Probably Didn’t Know

Interesting Facts About Adolf Hitler

During childhood Hitler’s life is been saved by a priest from drowning.

During WWI his life again saved by a British soldier.

During WWII 30 attempts of assassination have been made on Hitler.

He lost a testicle when he was brutally injured in WWII.

Hitler purposely bombed and destroyed his nephew’s house at Liverpool, so he joined US NAVY to fight against Hitler.

Hitler is very fond of Auto-mobile engineering so for inspiration, a portrait of Henry Ford is kept behind his desk.

Hitler created laws against animal cruelty to support his vegetarianism.

Hitler protected a Jewish doctor who once never charged Hitler’s family for his service due to their economic hardship. So he protected him and called him a noble Jew.

In 1939 Hitler was enlisted for Nobel peace prize.

In 1939, Time magazine has Inaugurated Hitler as man of the year.