Adolf Hitler Facts -facts About Hitler That You Probably Didn’t Know

Adolf Hitler Fun Facts

Hitler lost in Presidential Election and was not elected by the citizens instead he demanded for the chancellor by the affiliation created by the Nazi party.

German National Prize for art and Science is the name given after Hitler banned Nobel Prize.

Hitler presented the first German national Prize for Art and Science to Ferdinand Porsche. Who invented first Hybrid car and Beetle.

The French deliberately cut down the cables of Eiffel Tower to make Hitler climbing 1500 stairs but instead he gave up.

To make total war economy Hitler initiated closure of woman’s cosmetic industry, but to avoid disappointing Eva Braun the banning of these industries slowed down.

If Vienna’s Academy of Art would have allowed Hitler in pursuing career in Art’s then a great catastrophe would have been avoided.

Hitler believes that German surrender in WWI was a betrayal by his own leaders.

The German General F.Paulas surrendered himself instead of committing suicide after he lost at the Battle of Stalingrad and stating that “I have no intention of shooting myself for this Bohemian corporal.”

Hitler hate soccer because of defeat against Non-Germans and find’s very hard to exploit the game and fix the play.

Hitler’s father has not changed his name to Alois Hitler in 1877. His name would have been Adolf Schicklgruber.