Adolf Hitler Facts -facts About Hitler That You Probably Didn’t Know

Facts on Adolf Hitler

In his youth Hitler was called “ADI”.

Hitler was awarded two Iron crosses for bravery during his four years service in WWI.

During his gas attack in WWI Hitler went almost blind.

Nazi party was first called the German worker’s Party which is a small anti-Semitic party.

Hitler led his party to bring down German Government by a putsch i.e a coup, which is called the Beer Hall Putsch.

When German Government came to know about this coup Hitler was imprisoned for five years but he served only for nine months.

During these nine months in prison Hitler wrote his first book “Mein Kampt”. This means “my struggle”.

Once after the return from prison Hitler started his political party called the Nazi party i.e National Socialist German Worker’s Party.

Just before the months of 1932 elections Hitler got his German citizenship.

Hitler organized assassinations and executions against his own party people to justify his position in the government which is called “Blood Purge”.