Adolf Hitler Facts -facts About Hitler That You Probably Didn’t Know

Adolf Hitler

Hitler gained the title “Fuhrer” from a chancellor right after the death of German President Paul Von Hindenburg.

The Nazi occupied Austria without a single bullet being fired.

Once Hitler became the Dictator, he has broken all the Versailles Treaty terms. The Treaty that ended WWI has became the starter for WWII.

Hitler turned the Versailles Treaty into his own benefit. This helped him for German occupation.

Hitler and his mentor Anton Drexler upraised the refusal of Versailles Treaty through “25 points”. Addressing all Germans unification and preaching anti-Semitism.

The July Plot is the last attempted assassination on Hitler in 1944 but he managed with arm injury and a bit of hearing loss.

With the total number of 42 assassination attempts happened on Hitler, where he merely survived all of it and finally ended his own life.

Hitler always carried his mother’s picture with him. Even through his last days down the bunker.

Hitler’s ideology cost the deaths of 50-60 million people in WWII including 11 million commoners and 6 million Jews.

Symbol of Swastika used by the Nazi party which is placed on the left arm side meant to provoke darkness and evil deeds.