Albert Einstein Facts – 100 Curious Facts About Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein facts for kids

Einstein’s brain was stolen by a pathologist and he kept it for 20 years before finally returning it in 1998.

Albert Einstein considered himself as an agnostic, not an atheist.

Albert Einstein’s eyes are in a safe box in NYC.

Yoda, a character from Star Wars, was modeled after the appearance of Albert Einstein.

Einstein didn’t own a car, and he never learnt how to drive.

Einstein initially hated violin, he changed his mind about violin when he heard the music of Mozart at the age of 13.

Albert Einstein was among the people who signed a petition to overturn the ban on Homosexuality in Germany.

Edgar Hoover, FBI director monitored Einstein believing that he was a soviet spy.

Einstein gave the Noble prize money to his first wife.

From the letters that Einstein wrote to Elsa, he confessed that he was involved in many extramarital affairs.