Alcohol Facts – 125 Interesting Facts About Alcohol

Alcohol Facts and Statistics

The common name for ethanol is alcohol.

About 31% of rock star deaths are due to drugs or alcohol misuse.

Alcohol is considered as an important risk factor for over 60 different disorders.

Alcohol is responsible for 20% of deaths due to motor vehicle accidents, 50% deaths due to liver cirrhosis and 30% death due to oesophageal cancer, homicide, epilepsy, and liver cancer.

During prohibition, the U.S. Congress had their own bootlegger so senators and congressmen could still binge on alcohol.

Beer was made from Antarctic ice by an Australian company called Nail Brewing.

For adults who are drinking more than two drinks per day, the risk of death increases to over 1 in 100 due to alcohol related diseases or injury.

10 drinks per day are taken by the top 10% of the American alcoholics.

Alcohol is referred in 1 in 5 top 100 country songs.

Giving up alcohol for a month can decrease blood pressure, improve liver functioning and reduces the risk of both diabetes and liver diseases.