Alcohol Facts – 125 Interesting Facts About Alcohol

Alcohol and Drug Facts

Globally, on average adults consumes about 5 liters of pure alcohol from wine, beer and other spirits per year.

Alcohol is directly absorbed into the blood stream. It is not digested like food.

Globally, alcohol abuse is the 5th leading risk factor for premature death and disability.

Over 10% of children in U.S. live with a parent suffering from alcohol problems.

48% of the world’s population older than 15 claim that they have never consumed alcohol.

Binge drinking costs nearly ¾ of the total cost of alcohol misuse.

1 person in every 10 seconds is killed worldwide due to alcohol.

In China and India, more and more alcohol is consumed per person.

Alcohol is a depressant drug. It works by slowing the message from brain to body.

18 liters of alcohol is consumed by each Russian per year.