Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Amazing Cool Facts

Your brain tends to make imaginary monsters when you stare in a mirror too long

People who laugh more are better able to tolerate pain – both physically and emotionally.

IKEA stores are designed like mazes in order to prevent customers from leaving.

Scientists have discovered that running liquid chocolate through electric field can reduce its fat content by up to 20%. Not only is it healthier, but the reduced fat makes the cocoa solids stand out more, so it’s tastier, too.

The official Garfield website offered a free email service called ‘G-Mail’ years before Google launched their version.

Green lake is a place in Austria that is a dry park during winter, and a 10 meter deep lake during the spring/early summer.

The white spots on finger nails are called leukonychia, and are harmless and most commonly caused by minor injuries that occur while the nail is growing. Contrary to popular belief, leukonychia is not a sign of excess or deficiency of calcium and zinc or other vitamins in the diet.

There is a wild animal in East Asia called Raccoon Dog which looks like a raccoon but is actually a dog.

Coco-Cola was initially developed by pharmacists to help cure headaches.

The left year is more responsive to words of love and emotion whispered into it than the right.