Andrew Jackson Facts – 40 Interesting Facts About Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson Fun Facts

He became more ambitious and in 1817, leading the army as the commander of the southern district he invaded Florida and his forces captured Spanish posts at St. Mark’s and Pensacola, and the surrounding area leading to a bitter debate in Washington when Spain protested against his actions.

Despite stiff opposition Secretary of State John Quincy Adams supported the general’s actions, and it helped in the American acquisition of Florida in 1821.

He had no interest in running for the Presidential post but by 1824 he and his followers had garnered enough votes too get him a nomination to the US Senate.

His first fling for the Presidency was a failure and the five way race produced a hung result. The House of Representatives was asked to decide among the three candidates Jackson, Adams and Secretary of the Treasury William H. Crawford.

Crawford was ruled out because he was critically ill and the race was between Adams and Jackson.

Speaker of the House Henry Clay who was also one of the presidential candidates and had finished fourth threw his weight behind Adams. Knowing the inevitable Jackson resigned from the Senate and Clay was rewarded for his loyalty to Adams and was made the secretary of state.

Andrew Jackson however became the seventh US President four years later

The run up to the election was marred in controversy with Jackson and his wife being accused of adultery because Rachel was not legally divorced from her first husband when she married Jackson.

The vicious and slanderous campaign broke the normally shy and diminutive Rachel and hastened her death in 1828.

The couple never had any children but Jackson loved children and was very close to his nephews and nieces.