Anne Frank Facts – Interesting and Surprising Facts About Anne Frank

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Anne Frank Facts

Because of the visa denial by the United States, Anne Frank’s Family had to chosen a hiding place to survive the war.

Anne Frank’s diary is prohibited in Lebanon for favoring only Judaism and Zionism.

During the WWI, Anne Frank’s father Otto Frank served in German Army.

Anne Frank’s Father Otto Frank is the only survived member of the family and died of Lung Cancer in 1980.

Anne Frank’s father Otto Frank requested Audrey Hepburn to play the role of Anne in the movie “The Diary of Anne frank” but Audrey politely declined the movie.

Anne Frank’s Diary was retrieved by Miep Gies (Hermine Santruschitz) and was secured until the return of Anne Frank’s family, but Otto Frank, the sole survivor collected the belongings of her daughter Anne Frank.

The reason for removal of some of the contents from the Anne Frank’s Diary is because Anne Frank described about sexuality and even mentioned of her sensual parts.

At first Anne Frank used pseudonyms for Identification of the characters in her diary because of implementation of a crime law against those who are helping Jews.

Anyone classified as unfit or less than fifteen years of age were sent to the gas chamber. Anne Frank had turned fifteen just three months prior and would be one of the youngest spared the gas chamber at that time.

In School, Anne was well-known as the funny girl who liked to be the center of attraction.