Aphrodite Facts – 50 Fun Facts About Aphrodite

Interesting Facts About Aphrodite

Aphrodite and Ares conceived Harmonia, who eventually married Herodotus.

Aphrodite was the mother of Hermaphroditus by Hermes.

Aphrodite mode of transportation was a swan-drawn car which glided through the air.

Aphrodite and Hera were not friends but Hera wanted Aphrodite to assist the heroes in their Quest of the Golden Fleece.

Aphrodite and Cupid were the initiators for love between Jason (hero of the Quest of the Golden Fleece) and the daughter of the Colchian King.

The apple which was marked for the Fairest of the fair was being contended by Aphrodite, Hera, and Athena.

Zeus was asked to become the judge for the contest but he refused.

The son of the King of Troy was then made the judge for the competition

Each of the three goddesses promised the judge something in return for being chosen for the trophy

The son of Troy choose Aphrodite as the winner.

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