Armadillo Facts – 46 Interesting Facts About Armadillo

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Armadillo facts

Armadillo species come in a range of colors from pink, red, yellow too gray or black.

Armadillo meat is eaten by certain tribes and it tastes just like pork.

The official state animal of the Texas state is the nine banded armadillo.

The giant armadillo can have a jaw with 100 teeth.

Armadillo teeth have no enamel and they don’t need them also because they are insect eaters and their sticky tongue serves the purpose of trapping insects.

Armadillos are expert swimmers and they can hold their breath for six minutes when they dive.

They are also excellent climbers and can get over any obstacle if they cannot dig underneath.

Female armadillo can postpone her pregnancy if the environment is not conducive. This is known as “delayed implantation”

Babies are born with their eyes open and are able to move around in a few hours. The baby armadillos are born without the bony plates and the skin takes a few weeks to turn into hard armor.

Armadillo are widely used in leprosy research because their body temperatures are perfect for contracting any virulent disease and they also do not have a strong immune system.