Asia Facts – 50 Fun Facts About Asia

Asia Facts for Kids

Half of Asian population does not have the enzyme in the liver necessary for metabolizing alcohol.

Asia is a diverse place, and so are the eating habits. Monkey brain is regarded as a delicacy in parts of Southern China.

Asia is the only continent which has tigers in its forests.

There were 100,000 tigers in the wild a century ago, but today only 3200 are left because of hunting and poaching.

Sir Ka-Shing Li, a school dropout at the age of 15 is the richest man in Asia.

Nepal became the first Asian country to legalize gay marriage. It also became the first country in Asia to abolish the death penalty.

Chengis Khan, a monarch in Mongolia had killed 40 million people during his blitzkrieg across Asia.

Asia has 3.3 millionaires next only to America which has 3.4 millionaires.

Firefighters in Dubai have been given Jett Packs to fight fires in high-rise buildings.

A city in Asia, Hong Kong has 8000 skyscrapers which is twice as much as New York.