Asia Facts – 50 Fun Facts About Asia

Interesting Facts About Asia

Indonesia, an Asian country is composed of 17,508 islands of which only 6000 are inhabited.

The world’s biggest statue is the Buddha idol in the Spring Temple, China, and measures 153 meters.

The Arabian Desert in Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest continuous Sandy desert.

The tonsured hair and pigtails we see in Chinese action flicks was not a fashion butt was forcibly enforced by a decree by the Qing Dynasty after its conquest of China in early 17th century.

Kyoto, a city in Japan, has more than 1600 temples. It was the imperial capital for more than a thousand years.

Many South East populations eat with chopsticks. China makes 45 billion pairs of chopsticks every year.

South Korea has a separate Valentine Day for single people.

Indonesia, an island nation sits on the ring of fire; hyperactive seismological region.It has more than 150 volcanoes spread across thousands of islands.

Japan has more than 22 Nobel winners, which is more than any other country in the world.

The world’s biggest flower the Rafflesia, is found in the forest ground of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, produces huge flowers of up to a meter across.