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Facts About the Hiroshima Bombing

The bomb was dropped when Japan rejected the Potsdam Declaration demanding the surrender of the nation.

Kyoto was considered for the second bomb, but Henry Stimson, Secretary of War asked to remove to because he’d been there on his honeymoon.

The bombs were denoted about 1900 feet above the ground.

It has killed about 80,000 people instantly, and many suffered long term effects from radiation. The casualties are at 192,000.

The Hiroshima bomb’s code name was “Little Boy”; it was a uranium based bomb.

Japan agreed to surrender five days after the second bomb was dropped. The agreement was signed on 2nd of September.

It was 60 million degrees Fahrenheit at ground zero upon the detonation in Hiroshima.

Kokura was the secondary target but bad weather conditions resulted in choosing Nagasaki as its second target.

5 sq miles of Hiroshima and 2.6 sq miles of Nagasaki were destroyed by the bombings.

A heavy cruiser that delivered the bomb was sunk by torpedoes from Japanese submarines. The loss wasn’t discovered for almost 4 days as it was secret mission. 300 crewmen went down with the ship, about 575 died in water mainly due to shark attacks. And only 317 survived.