Autism Facts – 90 Unknown Facts About Autism

Fun facts about autism

ASD is the most common developmental disability in Northern Ireland.

Earlier, children with autism related behaviors were diagnosed with anyone of the disorders such as autism, Asperger’s disorder, pervasive developmental disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD).

Autism receives less than 5% of the research funding of many less prevalent childhood diseases.

1 in every 50 school children in the U.S. are affected by Autism.

Autism is growing at the rate of 14% per year around the world.

One of the myths is that people with autism are not affectionate. It is false. They may be oversensitive to touch, but they can and do show affection.

1 in 100 individuals is the rate of Autism in Ireland.

67 children are diagnosed with Autism per day, and every 20 minutes a new case is diagnosed.

Around 46% of children with ASD have average to above average intellectual ability.

In Belgium, people with depression, autism, bipolar disorder are other mental illnesses can request to be euthanized.