Autism Facts – 90 Unknown Facts About Autism

Autism interesting facts

The virtual resource center for those with Autism is “Naughty Auties”.

Amygdale, a brain area is 30% larger for children with autism than children without autism.

$211 million was earmarked for autism research by Obama administration.

Many children with autism have reduced sensitivity to pain, but may be extra sensitive to touch, sound or other sensory stimulation.

The degree of autism varies from mild to severe.

Between 30% and 5% of individuals with Autism suffer from seizures.

It is unclear why 20% to 30% of autistic children develop epilepsy by the time they reach adulthood.

Drama classes have shown to improve the social skills in autistic children.

Children with ASD have higher rate of constipation and eating issues compared to other children.

Low vitamin D levels during pregnancy have been linked to autism.