Autism Facts – 90 Unknown Facts About Autism

Autism facts and statistics

Children who are born premature or underweight may have a higher risk of autism.

Andrew Wakefield, the doctor who claimed a link between vaccines and autism have created fraudulent data for his paper and lost his medical license.

More than 20% of the people in U.S. still believe that autism is caused by vaccines.

There is virtually no difference in brain anatomy between people with autism and those without.

Minority children are generally diagnosed with Autism years later than other children.

78% of the families are unfamiliar with agencies that could help them.

Autism affects many parts of the brain, but it is unclear how it occurs.

The chances of the child being diagnosed greatly increases, if a mother gets flu or has a fever that lasts for more than a week.

Parents who have schizophrenia or bipolar disorder are more likely to have children with autism.

Autism like conditions were first documented in the 16th.