Bacteria Facts – 95 Surprising Facts About Bacteria

10 Facts About Bacteria

Beans increases flatulence because they have a specific type of sugar called oligosaccharides that are hard for the bacteria t break down, so during the process they release gas.

When you cough germs travel about 3 m if you don’t put your have over your mouth and nose.

The word bacteria come from the Latin word bacterium.

Bacteria are microscopic, nearly 0.5 – 5 microns in size.

Some bacteria can cause pneumonia, cholera, shigella and tubercolosis.

Bacteria make largest biomass on Earth.

Horseshoe crab blood is worth $15,000/ liter because of its ability to detect bacteria.

There are between 50 to 1000 different types of bacteria, 70 to 80 types of fungi, and few parasites and viruses.

Some bacteria species have tiny particles of minerals that help them orient themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field, helping them in figuring out whether they are swimming up or down.

Some bacteria run with the speeds of 50 to 60 times their own length in a second. That’s the same as the 6 foot human running at over 200 mph, over 3 times the speed of a cheetah.